What We Do

Here at SolPowered, we are proud to offer a wide variety of services leading into just about every branch of solar. From accountants to engineers, project managers to installers, we have it all. Whatever your solar needs are, we can accommodate them.

If you are looking to get solar on your rooftop or on your property, look no further! Our team of specialists will work with you from day one and will not rest until your brand new system is installed.

Solar for Your Rooftop

You have been looking into acquiring a solar system, but can’t quite seem to fit it in your budget? No worries. Our solutions will maximize your return on investment with understanding of your financial reality. We even have options that can bring you a system free of charge. Just ask.

Project Financing

When putting a solar system on your rooftop simply isn’t green enough, we will help you take it one step further. Whether it is your building or your municipality, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill even more.

Green Your City

Firefighters are here to keep us safe, but our Firefighter Solar Power Safety Training is designed to keep them safe too. We are offering an Ontario-wide training course to help firefighters understand solar power systems, and how to best protect everyone in the event of a fire in a builiding with solar panels.

Firefighter Safety Training

Are you uncertain if solar power is appropriate or even feasible for your building? Would you like an expert opinion to wade through the multitude of solar proposals you have been giving? Our experts can provide both technical and business consulting when it comes these questions and many others. Not sure if we can help? Give us a call!

Solar Consulting

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