SolPowered Energy Corporation Announces Merger with iSolara Solar Power


17 July 2014

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – iSolara Solar Power and SolPowered Energy Corporation are proud
to announce the merger of their firms, creating a new local market leader in Solar energy
systems. The new Company is poised for significant growth in the Solar energy markets in Ontario, which means creating more skilled jobs in Ottawa and the surrounding region.
“Solar markets in Ontario are entering a new growth phase, one that will see a massive uptake in the urban & suburban markets, with a particularly bullish forecast for the Eastern Ontario
region” said Warren Abar, President of iSolara Solar Power. “By combining the talents and
experience of our two teams, we stand ready and well-prepared to respond to the needs of any size client, from individual homeowners to large multi-site institutions.”
The pent-up demand for Solar generation in the Ottawa area had been unlocked just this year by removing the grid constraints at the Hawthorne Regional Centre. “Thanks to the Hawthorne transmission system upgrades, the Eastern Ontario grid is now open for business”, according to Mike Perrault, CEO of SolPowered Energy. “Many of our customers and partners have been very keen to install Solar projects right here in Ottawa, and now they will get their opportunity. With this merger, we have everything in place to help them succeed in reaching their goals.”

Although the Solar industry in Ottawa has been around for 15+ years, it received a kick-start in October 2009 with the introduction of the Ontario government’s Feed-In Tariff program. This program makes it financially worthwhile for property owners to generate electric power from the sun, and then sell it into the grid at a fixed price for 20 years. This has led to strong growth in the Solar energy sector, which in turn has created skilled local jobs for renewable energy
engineers, solar installation technicians and customer care specialists. Many of these positions are being filled by recent graduates from brand new programs offered at our local Colleges and Universities, which have quickly mobilized to meet this new demand.
Interested parties can learn more about the Company at and about the Feed- In Tariff Program at

About iSolara Solar Power
iSolara Solar Power is the leading solar System Integrator in Eastern Ontario. We serve
residential and commercial customers from Belleville to the Quebec border.
The Company was founded in 2003 by Warren Abar, a Professional Engineer licensed in the
Province of Ontario. To date we have sold & installed over 500 solar energy systems comprising 4 MW of clean renewable power generation. Our vision is to enable every citizen, business and organization to invest in green energy solutions. Visit us at

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