Near Optimal Performance at St Isidore Arena

On the afternoon of Thursday January 26th, despite moderate cloud cover and a high of only -5 degrees Celsius, St Isidore Arena managed to produce a peak of 98.3kW out of a total maximum potential of 100kW. As we can see from the photo below, the shading from one row of panels does not touch the following row. We can also see how the HVAC and chimney do not cast shadows on the panels either, clearly demonstrating the expertise with which SolPowered has designed the system.

Also worth noting is that on January 15th, even with the panels completely covered by a thick blanket of snow, the Arena managed to operate at nearly half of its total efficiency, peaking at 43.1kW.

All of this data was recovered using the custom monitoring solution that SolPowered has installed at the Arena, which is offered to all of its clients and provides detailed information on daily production.

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