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SolPowered Energy Corporation, winner of the 2011 Ottawa Business Achievement Award for New Business of the Year and the 2012 Prix d’Excellence in the category of Nouvelle entreprise de l’année, is an Ontario solar energy developer specialized in the deployment of medium and large photovoltaic (PV) solar systems on building roof tops.

Inspired by the rapid deployement in Germany where PV systems have been installed on more than 100,000 building roof tops, SolPowered is dedicated to the replication of this social and environmental success in Canada and the United-States.

Although the deployment of a large solar PV system represents a major multi-million dollar investment, SolPowered’s unique value proposition now makes this possible at zero cost to the building owner. SolPowered rents the roof, installs and operates the system free of charge and free of risks, and even pays the building owner revenue from the electricity generated. There will never be a better time to install a solar system on your building.

Located in Ottawa Ontario, our team of experts bring a unique combination of skills in solar PV energy, in building structural analysis and roofing construction and in renewable energy financing. Also, through carefully selected and well established partners, we can facilitate the offering of important complementary services such as an initial energy and CO2 emission assessment, a suite of solutions for building automation and energy savings practices, construction services towards a greener building infrastructure and a certification to the LEED standards.

Our environment can no longer be ignored and SolPowered can make your building a 21st century landmark.

On July 15th 2014, SolPowered announced a merger with iSolara Solar Power. This deal creates a strong leader in solar PV installations in the Eastern Ontario market. SolPowered and iSolara now have a team of over 20 experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing quality customer service.

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